Little Gifts and New Chapters


I write this post from Brussels- my time in Ghana has come to an end!

This is sad for me because Ghana has been so good to me.

I’ll miss getting to spend so much time with Loretta (a fellow 2nd daughter!), with Prince, Lawrencia and little Nana. I will miss getting random calls from Dada Nash and Uncle Antwi, getting woken up for daily devotion. I will miss my grandmother’s persistent calls to eat food, and her constant reminders to not stay out for too long. I will miss the Digestive biscuits and fresh pineapple juice.

Part of me will also miss the dust of Hannah Road, the disorder of Zongo junction, and the recklessness of the trotro drivers.

I am grateful for the time I spent discovering Ghana and rediscovering my heritage. The rest of the summer will involve a scatter of things- I have to start running again (s/o to Patricia for encouraging me to sign up for the half marathon in October), learn some school things, and most importantly, work on the second half of the cookbook. The 2nd half is a look at cooking in Ghanaian American homes- how do our notions of goodness shift when we live in other lands? The next few weeks will be a time for me to figure this out.

Thank you all for supporting my trip in various ways- for encouraging me to go to Ghana for longer than two weeks, for advising me as I prepared, for praying, for company and friendship, and for support.


One thought on “Little Gifts and New Chapters

  1. Thank you, Arnelle, for sharing this account of your travels! I found it absorbing and very inspiring. It seems clear that you really do have many homes-in-the-world. As well as a number of new recipes!

    How special to meet your great grandmother at long-last!
    And did you end up singing much with the choir?
    The plaque you displayed was memorable and eloquent.

    Enjoy Brussels–and see you back at the Farm in the not-too-distant future. (Actually, come to think of it, it will be a while. Oxford awaits! Have a splendid time–in the classroom…and on the playing field (field hockey, yes?)…and hither and yon.)


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