Counting Time

I have been counting my time through a couple different lenses.

The first is on a year-by-year appreciation sort of level. This is because I just turned twenty, and also because I recently learned that I have a 97 year old great grandmother!

I learned about her existence (in the “she is alive” sense) yesterday when I met my mother’s brother, my Uncle Antwi. Ninety-seven is a good, ripe old age, and it was pretty cool to hear that one of my own relations has nearly reached the century mark.

Counting has also occurred on a day-by-day appreciation level.

Every morning except Sunday, my Auntie Mercy wakes up the entire house for a devotion session. She leads us to do two things: worship and thank God for the current day, and also commit ourselves into God’s hands for the day. Every morning, I wake up and think about the day as a unit, entity and blessing in its own right. This lies in stark contrast to my mindset at school, where I often think of my time as a string of multi-day chunks, and often look at days as means to prepare for future days and weeks.

Finally, counting has occurred in my switch from looking at my time in Ghana as bountiful, to looking at my time as a quickly escaping and limited resource. I have less than two weeks left.

Loretta and I took a visit to Gladys the seamstress again. But this time, instead of leaving cloth in her shop and determining to work with it at a later point, we had to reckon with all cloth and make all decisions right then. When I go to pick my stuff up from her next week, I very likely will not go back.

Going to Gladys fills me with anticipation and uncertainty, especially on days like yesterday when we are having new things made. The limits on what Gladys will produce seem to just be the size of the cloth I bring and our imaginations (or the effectiveness of our searches on Google/Instagram/Pinterest). I am comfortable admitting that I am generally an indecisive person (especially on certain small things, like what to order at a restaurant) and so this seemingly unlimited menu is daunting. I also know of myself that I often don’t have strong feelings for things the first time I encounter them (and so was not initially enthusiastic about the first batch of clothing she made) but am actually excited about it all now. She has done some really cool work (very willing to refer her if people are looking for a reliable and talented seamstress) and I’m looking forward to seeing what she makes next Wednesday.

I am also joining the choir (I think!) at Prince’s church, which partially feels silly because I have very limited time. I will take what I get, though. I have wanted to sing as part of a group for a while (thinking back now to my Talisman and EP a capella auditions, and sort of singing in Sunday school as a child). I think I’m mostly joining the choir because they’re a group I want to fill my last couple of weeks with.

Also a little sad that I didn’t spend very much time with Prince during the first half of my visit (not really sure why) and that now that we have gotten closer he is starting school.

Life moves.

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