Today I am twenty. Wowowowow.

It feels like a long time coming, as some of the friends I am closest to said goodbye to their teenage years practically a year ago.

Goodbye to the end of an era (decade).

Birthdays of course are proper time for reflection. Can I do justice to the all that has been the last decade (and 2nd half of my life)? Of course not, and so I’ll share some highlights of this week.

I started traveling. This week I got to see not only Ghana’s famed Aburi Gardens, but also the famous dam at Akosombo, a city that is on the western edge of the Volta region (the trip included a stint on the most pot hole-y road I have ever seen, pictured above). Along with going further out, I’ve started exploring places closer to home. This week my cousin Nana and I went for a walk (and also my first outdoor run!) around the neighborhood (to our Uncle’s favorite “joint”). We also made a purchase at Madina Melcom, a store that reminds me a bit of Walmart. We bought pineapple cookies (which were not good) and Choco-Milo (which was delicious).

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were emotional highlights, though.

Friday was time to sit and mourn and talk to God about the deplorable situation black people, my people, face within the United States at large. I can’t yet properly articulate how I feel on this.

Saturday was time to encounter God and community. I went to my cousin Prince’s church program, and got to serve as usher, then photographer, and then general attender of the event. I have actual (I think?) friends here now. And I really like them.

Sunday was time to laugh. After church  I was forced to face the reality yet again that I cannot adequately make fufu (I would wo (beat with very large pestle) the fufu for a dozen seconds, and my family would giggle, say they’re not trying to eat late at night, and Loretta or Prince would take over). This happened three different times yesterday and was mostly funny and a little sad. My fear of hot oil and quick knife strokes are preventing me from advancing further in my mastery of Ghanaian style cooking. I also confess that I have been speaking WAY to much English. On Sunday I also got to have a (premature) birthday party at Labadi beach, which was a lot of fun despite the fact that Labadi had way too many people and was not really my scene. There was cake, there were people, there was dancing.

Feeling thankful.

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