The beginning

We are off. Andy by we, I mean Akua (who is also working on a very cool project in Ghana and is flying out with me), myself, and of course you, the faithful reader who has decided to read this blog post.

For the last month, various individuals have asked me about my feelings surrounding this trip. Are you excited? Are you nervous? The reality is that until getting to the airport I hadn’t been feeling much. The fullness of life on campus at Stanford and then the scramble to see as many people as possible before leaving Connecticut again were more than enough to occupy my mind and heart. But planes are great about making you reflect, and giving you more time than you want to critically examine life/where you’ve been and where you’re going. The things that I have allowed to keep my mind busy aren’t here anymore, I can’t tolerate another movie, and Akua is asleep. Now is my time to examine where I’ve been and where I’m going.

IMG_3846.jpgI am excited about the weeks I get to spend in Ghana. I am also nervous. And all of these things are okay. I am choosing in to many mosquitos, a forced month of no raw vegetables, and not very much independent solo time. And I’m also choosing in to meeting the wonderful extended family that I have heard so much about but never met in person- including my cousin Kissiwa who has so good-naturedly volunteered to teach me to cook, take me around, and speak only to me in Twi.

I will also interact my grandmother, whom I have not seen since I was 12 years old. Practically eight years! And then there’s the cookbook business, and the courage involved in holding others stories and sharing my own. As I’m trying to understand what has happened over the past year in my relationship to school, my friends, and God, immersing myself in a place that will be different feels like a good thing. I am excited, and I am nervous, and I am okay.

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