Real work has begun! + Grandmas


Yesterday I finally started collecting recipes.

I realize that I haven’t fully explained what I’m doing in Ghana, and so here comes my explanation. I am in Ghana this summer to learn about my family and the Twi language and food, but officially am here to gather recipes for a cookbook I am writing. (I am hoping to finish it by the end of 2016.) My amazing cousin Loretta has been a cultural translator of sorts for me, and has been teaching me how to cook!

The first week in Ghana was hectic, and many different things prevented me from starting: general jet lag/getting used to the fact that my family here goes to sleep around NINE PM and wakes up around FIVE AM everyday, my luggage being lost (with my computer charger and camera) and having to go to the airport everyday to check for it, not having internet and thus having to use my phone’s data for everything… Hurdles but these are all cleared!

Yesterday was fun. We got to make fried atomo (sweet potato) and kokoo (yellow plantain) for lunch, and I got to take some really fun shots. Some of the pictures are below.

Yesterday, beyond finally starting the recipe collection part of my project, I got to meet my grandmother’s sisters. Auntie Mary and Auntie Esther. They traveled from a far place (a name I have forgotten) just to see me and were sweet.

After lamenting the fact that my parents don’t speak Twi to us at home (a conversation whose course I knew very well) they began talking to me about my family. My Auntie Mary told me to sit on her lap for a little bit (I literally sat on her lap even though she has a bad knee). I showed her pictures of my younger brother, older sister, mom and dad. She repeatedly told me that I looked just like my mom.

After her legs got tired, I went to sit by Auntie Esther, and showed her the same pictures. We talked a bit about her childhood and past, and what her life is like right now. I asked her questions I’d been wanting to ask my grandmother. She understood English, and so could understand my heavy English accent as I spoke broken Twi. She was warm.

Here’s a picture of the three sitting outside, write before their visit ended. They said that they’d come back.

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