Sunday is not only the day everyone goes to church, but also the day for eating fufu (pronounced fu-fu-oh).

At least for all of the Kwahufo (Kwahu people) in Madina.

Madina is part of Accra, which itself is on the southeastern section of Ghana. Kwahu is in the Eastern Region of Ghana, and is the place my parents (and practically all of the family here that I have met) claim as their homeland. Fufu according to them is THE food of the Kwahu people. Sunday evening during house visits I, curious, asked people what they had eaten for dinner. Everyone said fufu. Monday through Saturday, people don’t have the time to make it and so Sunday is the only possible day. Because everyone likes fufu so much, Sunday becomes the day to eat it.

After coming home from church we started preparing the fufu. It was an involved process! Let’s start.

The first thing you do is peel and cut (dwa) the cassava (baankye) and green plantains (brodie). My cousin Lawrencia did this flawlessly quickly, while I went slowly, fearing that I would cut off one of my fingers. Next, we boiled the cassava and green plantains. After they were boiled, the fun part started- we beat the boiled cassava and green plantain with a large stick (mortar and pistle) until it became smooth and sticky. There are two roles, a person who mixes and a person who beats. Pretty cool, but hard work.

And then we got to finally eat it. My cousin Loretta made palm nut soup (abenkwan) the day before, and so all we had to do after preparing the fufu was put it in the soup and eat.

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